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Marilyn Patterson and Martha Fontana, LCSW, are currently working on another book, a collection of personal stories of people who have recovered from depression.

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DEPRESSION ANONYMOUS is a twelve-step group, a fellowship of people who have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing depression. Sharing experience, strength and hope in dealing with this illness promotes recovery. The group does not provide medical advice or take the place of medical advice and treatment from personal physicians. There are no dues or fees; the group is not allied with any sect, denomination or political entity.

The renowned psychotherapist and author, Dr. Richard O'Connor, states in his book, Undoing Depression: "We've found that the experience of dealing with depression in a self-help context is very positive. We've also found the model and structure of AA are very useful for depression."

Depression Anonymous was started in 2003 to address the special life problems of people experiencing depression. Some of these problems are the same as those in A.A., but many are different and need to be addressed in a separate group.

Marilyn Patterson, a certified counselor and English teacher, started the first Depression Anonymous group and wrote the book, Reach to Recovery: Depression Anonymous. The book will assist anyone wanting to organize a Depression Anonymous group and in applying the twelve-step principles to his/her problems with depression. Information on buying the book can be found on a link on the left of this web site.

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Meeting Location

The Houston group no longer meets at West Oaks Hospital.

When meetings are resumed, time and location will be posted on this website.